“I hired Amy to conduct an important investigation related to a discrimination and harassment claim. Amy literally “wrote the book” on conducting workplace investigations, and it shows in her work product. She was organized, punctual, personable, and professional. I felt that I got the whole story, and was able to make a comfortable determination based on the facts. It is extremely valuable to be able to trust your investigator to get to the truth. I recommend her highly, and would use her again.”

- Kristine Schmidt, Attorney at Law, Employee/Labor Relations Manager at City of Santa Barbara

“In prior MCLE cycles, I confess that I have figuratively rolled my eyes when listening to the required hour on “Elimination of Bias.”  Lectures generally were filled with aspirational platitudes, and often condemnation.  Your lecture was a refreshing change.  It was, in a word, enlightening, and it has created in me a desire to learn more so that I can better understand the biases that we all have and how best to mitigate their negative consequences.

What I found particularly refreshing was the complete absence of blame in your lecture, in addition to its basis in science.  And the concrete and reproducible examples you gave truly brought home the points you were making.

Thank you for not only making this portion of my MCLE something of real value, but also for starting me on the path to greater understanding of this complex and fascinating issue.”

- Ross E. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, West Newton, Massachusetts

“My firm retained Ms. Oppenheimer to investigate allegations of discrimination and harassment involving a group of municipal employees in the office of a high-level elected official. Despite the politicized environment and heavy attention from the media, Ms. Oppenheimer convinced reluctant witnesses to participate in the investigation, conducted thorough interviews of all the necessary parties, and sorted relevant from irrelevant evidence in an organized and efficient fashion. Her investigative report was well-written and her conclusions were supported by sound credibility determinations, the relative strength of the evidence, and her knowledge of the relevant legal standards. Given Ms. Oppenheimer’s impeccable credentials and experience, we were confident that she would have proved to be an excellent witness at trial. Fortunately, the case was resolved in mediation, based largely on the strength of her investigation and her recommendations. For any employer in need of an effective and fair investigator, I highly recommend Amy Oppenheimer.”

- Alison Neufeld, Esq., Ruiz & Sperow, Emeryville, California

“Hiring Amy to investigate a sensitive sexual harassment/sexual orientation discrimination claim was key in defusing a potential powder keg. Amy’s sensitivity, independence and objectivity, as well as her well-reasoned findings and recommendations, convinced both sides that they had a serious problem that could be resolved.”

- Eli W. Gould, Attorney at Law, MBV Law LLP
 “Amy conducted comprehensive neutral investigations for two of our clients. Both investigations were performed very efficiently and were cost effective. The first investigation involved claims of sexual harassment. Amy did an excellent job of honing in on the relevant facts, providing a thorough and useful report. Relying on Amy’s findings the parties were able to resolve the claims without extensive litigation. The second investigation involved claims of unprofessional workplace practices. Once again, Amy proved to be professional and sensitive to the issues resulting in an excellent report upon which our client relied when making its decision regarding the appropriate action to take.”
- Elise Vasquez, Attorney at Law, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley

“I highly recommend Ms. Oppenheimer as an expert witness. My law firm, Kinman & Curry, successfully incorporated her testimony at trial in the matter of Kenyon v. Applied Technologies Associates in San Luis Obispo County. Mr. Kenyon was a 28 year employee who was suspended and later terminated after receiving his first written employee warning notice during a 10 minute meeting at a Starbucks coffee shop. The lawsuit rested entirely on the theory of a breach of an implied employment contract, a la Foley. Ms. Oppenheimer testified as to the inadequacy of the investigation by the employer and its in-house corporate counsel.

Most important, in my opinion, Ms. Oppenheimer is perfectly capable of providing written and oral testimony under oath without instruction or coaching. She is an expert in the truest sense of the term. My suggestion is to simply give her the facts and let her do her job, what more can you ask for? The jury in our case awarded our client just over half a million dollars.”

- Barry Kinman, Kinman & Curry