Investigating Workplace Harassment:

How to be Fair, Thorough, and Legal by Amy Oppenheimer and Craig Pratt

Investigating Workplace Harassment provides step-by-step techniques for investigating allegations of all types of workplace harassment.

The authors guide readers through all aspects of an investigation including planning, documenting, interviewing, weighing evidence, making a decision, and taking remedial action.

Harassment investigations are the focus of intense scrutiny in litigation. Investigating Workplace Harassment helps litigating attorneys and employment lawyers understand the why’s, wherefore’s and how to’s of workplace harassment investigations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Preparing for an Investigation of Workplace Harassment
Chapter 2 - Harassment and the Law
Chapter 3 - Investigations and the Law
Chapter 4 - Investigations: When to Do Them, Who Should Do Them, and What to Investigate
Chapter 5 - Planning the Investigation
Chapter 6 - Documentation
Chapter 7 - The Fact-Finding Process
Chapter 8 - Weighing the Evidence and Making a Decision
Chapter 9 - The Investigative Report
Chapter 10 - Remedial Actions
Chapter 11 - Post Investigation Issues and Remedies

"Easy-to-read, jampacked with excellent information, good examples, and readily accessible steps for investigating and managing harassment; it belongs on every manager’s desk."

- Donald H. Weiss, Ph.D., President and CEO, Self-Management Communications, Inc.

Author of Fair, Square, and Legal

"An effective training tool in investigating and remedying complaints of workplace harassment. The statement of applicable law is clear and understandable, and the many examples help sort out valid from invalid complaints."

- Herma Hill Kay, J.D., Barbara Nachtrieb Armstrong Professor of Law,  University of California Berkeley School of Law

"In today’s litigious society, corporations must be proactive in addressing harassment complaints. This book provides the tools to conduct a thorough and effective investigation through to successful conclusion."

- Anne Covey, Esquire, Owner of Covey & Associates, P.C., Management Attorneys
Author of The Workplace Law Advisor

"Teaches investigators not only how to be fair, thorough, and legal—but also humane. Excellent, well-documented, and highly readable."

- Ellen Bravo, Director, 9to5, National Association of Working Women
Co-author of The 9to5 Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment