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Posted by Alezah Trigueros on February 7, 2018

Amy Oppenheimer Featured in the L.A. Times

Amy Oppenheimer with AWI Board President Sue Ann Van Dermyden

This past week, Amy Oppenheimer was interviewed by Robin Abcarian of the Los Angeles Times about investigating workplace harassment. The article also featured AWI and how the Training Institute for Workplace Investigators prepares attendees for conducting these types of investigations. You can read the L.A. Times article here.

Amy is Chair of AWI’s Training Institute program, and spent the last year working on developing and piloting a certificate exam that attendees can take to demonstrate their mastery of the Institute’s subject matter. Our office’s Lisa Brewer, Caroline Schuyler, Alezah Trigueros, Zaneta Butscher Seidel, and Ann Spivack have all attended the Institute and taken and passed the exam, and are designated AWI-CHs (AWI Certificate Holders).

In July, Amy will be presenting as Faculty at the Institute in Whistler, British Columbia and in April, Alezah will be Faculty at the Atlanta Institute.

Posted by Alezah Trigueros on February 6, 2018

Amy Oppenheimer, Vida Thomas, and Alezah Trigueros Present at CALPELRA

Amy, Vida, and Alezah

Amy Oppenheimer and Associate Attorney Alezah Trigueros had a wonderful time presenting with Vida Thomas, of Weintraub Tobin, at the California Public Employers Labor Relations Association (CALPELRA) Annual Conference in December. Amy, Vida, and Alezah presented on navigating difficult situations during investigative interviews, including role-playing examples of how to deal with a difficult union representative, how to approach an investigation involving potentially criminal conduct that requires a Lybarger warning, and how to approach interviews in a culturally sensitive and culturally competent manner.

With the AWI Training Institutes for Workplace Investigators coming up in the first half of the year, our office is looking forward to presenting at even more trainings in 2018!

Posted by Alezah Trigueros on October 31, 2017

Amy Oppenheimer Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

Amy recording for All Things Considered

Amy was interviewed by Robert Siegel last week to discuss her thoughts on sexual harassment prevention in the workplace for NPR’s All Things Considered. Amy shared her thoughts on the efficacy of mandatory sexual harassment training, what more employers and employees can do to combat sexual harassment in the workplace, and whether the recent influx of public outcry concerning revelations of workplace sexual assault and harassment could lead to real change. You can listen to Amy’s interview with Robert Siegel for All Things Considered here.

Posted by Alezah Trigueros on October 30, 2017

Law Offices of Amy Oppenheimer Hired to Investigate Reports of Workplace Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the California State Senate

On Monday, October 23, 2017, California State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León announced that the Law Offices of Amy Oppenheimer will be conducting an external investigation concerning recent reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the State Capitol. You can read Kevin de León’s full statement here.

Posted by Alezah Trigueros on September 1, 2017

Honoring Stephen Angelides for Years of Service at AWI

Sue Ann Van Dermyden, Stephen Angelides, Laurie Krueger, and Amy Oppenheimer

The Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) honored its founding Executive Director, Stephen Angelides, at a reception in Oakland, California on August 23. Steve co-founded AWI alongside founding AWI President Amy Oppenheimer and current AWI President Sue Ann Van Dermyden, and is retiring from AWI after eight years of service. At the reception, Amy, Sue Ann, and current Executive Director Laurie Krueger had the privilege of thanking Steve for his service. Amy explained to attendees that Steve shepherded AWI from a small gathering on her back deck to an international professional association with an annual budget of $1 million and 850 members. “AWI has a bright future,” said Angelides, “I hope to see it grow to thousands of members in my lifetime.”