Workplace Investigations and Training

The Law Offices of Amy Oppenheimer is dedicated to providing fair, thorough, and timely impartial investigations of employment complaints.  The complaints we investigate range from discrimination and harassment to retaliation, whistleblowing, ethics, and discipline, including terminations. We have done investigations for companies and organizations in many industries, large and small, including cities, counties, and school districts; manufacturing, financial, and tech companies; non-profits, unions, and public agencies.

Our investigations are conducted and supervised by experienced employment law attorneys who have decades of experience in this field.  We are committed to providing fair and thorough investigations in as expeditious and cost effective a manner as possible.  We have been doing this for over 25 years and we are, as one grateful client said, “simply the best” at what we do.

We also provide training for attorneys and HR professionals on how to do an investigation; and training for managers and supervisors on how to recognize and respond to workplace harassment, discrimination, and bullying. We also provide diversity and bias training and we are available to do workplace assessments.

Our training work includes one-on-one training and coaching for individuals who need a better understanding of their duties under the law, how their past actions could be problematic, and what they need to do differently in the future in order to succeed.

Lastly, over the last twenty years Amy Oppenheimer has provided expert testimony about preventing harassment and discrimination, and has testified numerous times in State and Federal courts on this topic.

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Good advice for employees dealing with workplace bullying:

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Preventing Unintentional Discrimination

A recent public radio program on “Inspiring Girls and Women to Code” addressed the disheartening reality that while women were 38% of the computer workforce in the 1980’s, that percentage […]

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